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ask_obsessed's Journal

Tachi Aizawa
7 June

My name's Tachi Aizawa and I'm the lead singer of ASK-we just came back from being out of commision in the music business. Hopefully we can get back on our feet.

I'm twenty one years old, I own a cat (own would be the wrong word for it, but...), live in a two room apartment in downtown Tokyo, and I play DDR all of the time.

I go for men or women, meaning that I'm bi, and I used to prefer guys-but I think my mind's changed. I've got a huge thing for this girl I met a while ago.

And, my favorite singer of all time...


My favorite song by him is NINE SPIRAL.

(Tamed {kind of.. >>;} by the ever-so-...genki Alicia. XD)